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Believe It We can Sell Your House In 5 DAYS Too!

Sold in 5 Days

Sold In 5 Days…?

Some may have their doubts however I can tell you it is absolutely possible and we have been successful time and time again.

Perhaps you say “no big deal” it’s a “seller’s market!” and if I didn’t do my homework I may agree with you.

I will concur it is by many measures a “seller’s market” however this may be the hard part for you to believe – as of today () 39% of the active home inventory has somehow been on the market for 90 days or more! And that is based on agent days on market if we adjust to cumulative days on market to incorporate sellers that fired their 1st agent the percentage goes up to 42%!

So 42% of home sellers are in seller purgatory unable to move forward with their plans, goals and dreams as fast as they should be able to.

Over the past 14 years we have learned many valuable insights and have paired those lessons with cutting edge technologies like the one we used to get you here!

We aren’t resting on laurels, we’re adapting each day and growing rapidly in order to serve our client demand.

We have a system that incorporates the best practices in marketing, technology, preparation and even some psychology.

We love what we do and are so excited to help house sellers achieve their goals in their timeframe.

You can hire anyone, why not hire us!? Give us a call now for your complimentary and confidential consultation 480-382-8007 or get a robust home value report here – with no obligation.

We’re Trusted Real Estate Consultants® not salespeople.

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